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About Needledrop Wines

At Needledrop Wines, our goal is to collate some of the most unique and unusual wines from around the world and supply them to the UK market. Available both online and in-person at various market events.

Check out our Instagram for more information.

About Us: About Us

searching for the Needledrop Moment

What is Needledrop Wines?

Picture this: you're watching a tense moment in a film, when all of a sudden, the camera cuts to a shot of a record player. The needle drops onto the vinyl, and music starts playing, cutting through the tension and almost taking over the film itself.

Everything becomes about the music.

This is the "Needledrop Moment" - an instance of something amazing breaking through the noise and business of everyday life. Here at Needledrop Wines, we seek to find the unique and unusual wines that replicate the Needledrop Moment for you.

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